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Audi Company performed restyled premium-class version of Audi S4 in 2011. The model was equipped with 3-l benzene V6 engine with direct fuel injection, mechanical blower and power of 245 kW (333 hp). S4 sedan needs only 5.0 seconds to accelerate up to 100 km/h and average fuel consumption is 8.1 l only. Quattro system of continuous full drive allows fully realize car’s potential and sportive suspension of Audi S4 helps at dynamic driving. By client’s order Audi may complete S4 with innovative optional equipment which will significantly increase car’s competitiveness. 7-stage S-tronic gearbox changes gears with lightning speed and new sportive compensating gear optimally distributes torque on rear wheels. New Audi S4 was first performed on Paris Auto Show which was held since 2nd till 19th of October 2008.

Heart of new S4 is 3.0 TFSI motor - a newest in line of V-motors of Audi. V6 motor volume is 2995 ccm, it is equipped with compressor and its power reaches 245 kW (333 hp). Maximal speed of Audi S4 of 250 km/h is limited by electronics.

Audi S4's summary:
  • Doors: There are 4 types of a body of the car Audi S4 - 4, 5, 3 and 2-door cars.
  • Seats: The car was issued in options with 5 and 4-seat salon.
  • Audi S4 was issued with the following types of a body: sedan (saloon), hatchback (liftback) sedan, station wagon (estate, combi), convertible (cabriolet).
  • The car S4 Avant (2008) have 1160 kg and this is the minimum weight among all modifications of Audi S4. The heaviest car in a production line of Audi S4, is the model S4 Cabriolet Tiptronic (2004) - its weight 1895 kg.
  • The smallest model is S4 (1997) which length makes 4483 millimeters. The longest Audi S4 is the model S4 (1993), which length - the 4800 millimeters.
  • Audi S4 was equipped by 9 options of engines. The smallest engine had volume in 2199 cubic centimeters and was established on model - S4 (1993). The most powerful engine was established on model S4 Avant (2005) and had volume in 4172 cubic centimeters.
  • The maximum speed of the Audi S4 makes 264 kilometers per hour. You will see such information on a speedometer of model named S4 Avant (2002).
  • The car Audi S4 is equipped with 2 types of transmission - automatic and manual.

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Audi S4 Modifications (61)

N Model Doors Seats Weight Length Height Engine
1 Audi S4 (2008) 4 5 - 4717В mm 1406В mm 2995В cm3
2 Audi S4 (1993) - 4 - 4800В mm 1450В mm 2199В cm3
3 Audi S4 (1997) 4 5 1510В kg 4483В mm 1396В mm 2671В cm3
4 Audi S4 (2000) - 4 1660В kg 4490В mm 1400В mm 2701В cm3
5 Audi S4 (2002) 4 5 1660В kg 4575В mm 1415В mm 4163В cm3
6 Audi S4 (2004) 4 5 1660В kg 4586В mm 1427В mm 4163В cm3
7 Audi S4 (2006) 4 4 1735В kg 4580В mm 1450В mm 4163В cm3
8 Audi S4 (2007) 5 5 - 4590В mm 1430В mm 4163В cm3
9 Audi S4 (2008) 4 5 1650В kg 4717В mm 1406В mm 4163В cm3
10 Audi S4 2.7T (1997) 4 5 1510В kg 4483В mm 1396В mm 2671В cm3
11 Audi S4 25 Quattro Special Edition (2006) 5 5 1884В kg 4590В mm 1420В mm 4163В cm3
12 Audi S4 4.2 (2003) 4 5 1660В kg 4575В mm 1415В mm 4163В cm3
13 Audi S4 4.2 Quattro (2007) 4 5 1735В kg 4580В mm 1420В mm 4163В cm3
14 Audi S4 4.2 Quattro (2005) 4 5 1675В kg 4580В mm 1420В mm 4163В cm3
15 Audi S4 4.2 Quattro Automatic (2007) 4 5 1735В kg 4580В mm 1420В mm 4163В cm3
16 Audi S4 Avant (2006) 5 5 1510В kg 4590В mm 1420В mm 4163В cm3
17 Audi S4 Avant (2004) 5 5 1720В kg 4586В mm 1427В mm 4163В cm3
18 Audi S4 Avant (2002) 5 5 1720В kg 4575В mm 1440В mm 4163В cm3
19 Audi S4 Avant (1997) 5 5 1540В kg 4488В mm 1396В mm 2671В cm3
20 Audi S4 Avant (2005) 4 5 1785В kg 4550В mm 1430В mm 4172В cm3

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