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Bentley Brooklands

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Second generation of Bentley Brooklands is performed since 2008. Each Bentley Brooklands car is handmade and it assures extremely high quality. Its name derived from legendary British racing track in Surrey County. At development of Bentley Brooklands designers took Bentley Arnage as foundation. English traditions are obviously seen in exterior of Bentley Brooklands, especially in vertical front part and elongated hood.

Bentley Brooklands salon is truly spacious and amazes with delicacy of manual assembly. Pedals are provided with aluminum covers, seats are covered by leather and for lining finewood inserts are used. Rear passengers of Bentley Brooklands feel also comfortable - there are enough space for legs, seats are provided with electric heating and electric settings as well as individual ventilation.

Bentley Brooklands's summary:
  • Doors: There are 2 types of a body of the car Bentley Brooklands - 4 and 2-door cars.
  • Seats: The car was issued in options with 5 and 4-seat salon.
  • Bentley Brooklands was issued with the following types of a body: sedan (saloon), fixed-head coupe.
  • The car Brooklands (1998) have 2350 kg and this is the minimum weight among all modifications of Bentley Brooklands. The heaviest car in a production line of Bentley Brooklands, is the model Brooklands (2007) - its weight 2655 kg.
  • The smallest model is Brooklands (1993) which length makes 5268 millimeters. The longest Bentley Brooklands is the model Brooklands (2007), which length - the 5411 millimeters.
  • Bentley Brooklands was equipped by 3 options of engines. The smallest engine had volume in 6748 cubic centimeters and was established on model - Brooklands (1999). The most powerful engine was established on model Brooklands (2007) and had volume in 6761 cubic centimeters.
  • The maximum speed of the Bentley Brooklands makes 296 kilometers per hour. You will see such information on a speedometer of model named Brooklands (2007).
  • The car Bentley Brooklands is equipped with only a automatic transmission.

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Bentley Brooklands Modifications (10)

N Model Doors Seats Weight Length Height Engine
1 Bentley Brooklands (1993) 4 5 2385В kg 5268В mm 1486В mm 6750В cm3
2 Bentley Brooklands (1998) - 4 2350В kg 5350В mm 1470В mm 6750В cm3
3 Bentley Brooklands (1997) - 4 2350В kg 5350В mm 1470В mm 6750В cm3
4 Bentley Brooklands (1995) - 4 2430В kg 5350В mm 1470В mm 6750В cm3
5 Bentley Brooklands (1994) - 4 2430В kg 5350В mm 1470В mm 6750В cm3
6 Bentley Brooklands (2007) 2 5 2655В kg 5411В mm 1473В mm 6761В cm3
7 Bentley Brooklands (1996) 4 5 2470В kg 5268В mm 1485В mm 6750В cm3
8 Bentley Brooklands (1999) - 4 2350В kg 5350В mm 1470В mm 6748В cm3
9 Bentley Brooklands 6.7 i V8 (1994) 4 5 2430В kg 5294В mm 1485В mm 6750В cm3
10 Bentley Brooklands 6.7 i V8 Turbo (1996) 4 5 2430В kg 5268В mm 1485В mm 6750В cm3

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