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Bugatti is a French company specializing in the manufacture of racing, sports and luxury cars. Even in the narrow circle of legendary luxury cars Bugatti are featured with a special place. In fact, no one could so impress the audience, as Ettore Bugatti and his followers did.

Ettore Bugatti was engineer and artist and he found this company in 1909. He followed the path of wide application of advanced technologies in the name of efficiency and weight saving for mechanical construction. As a result, the company has rolled off the assembly line a car with a guaranteed speed of 100 km/h, which was controlled easily and pleasantly. Bugatti Type 13 model, which was made by Bugatti engineer named Ernest Frederick, finished second in one of the French Grand Prix on July 23, 1911.

This car has become the most significant innovation on the eve of the war of 1914 and the base for all modifications Bugatti, until the 59 model.

In 20-ies Type 35 GP model brought world fame to Bugatti. This model had won more than a thousand victories on road racing, and became famous in its time as the most successful model of Grand Prix racing class. The entire exterior of the car served to one purpose - the speed. The car was very stable on difficult routes through a brilliant combination of technical elegance and well-balanced handling characteristics. The four-cylinder Type 40 in 1922 contemporaries called "Morris Cowley" in the performance of "Bugatti".

Legendary Royal model is deliberately extravagant Type 41 Bugatti became available in 1927. Long wheelbase of a model (over 4.27 m) facilitated the driving: the car was surprisingly maneuverable in city streets. Work of art was the wheel assembled from the grand piano strings.

From 1923 the company released a magnificent Bugatti 43 Type with a boost, sport car Bugatti 35B Type with successful design; Bugatti 44 Type which was not announced as a sport, but possessed with balanced technological decisions and was deservedly crowned with laurels.

Until 1937 for Bugatti sports lasted series of defeats, when the 57 Type, with an engine capacity of 3.3 liters and lowered chassis wins in the Le Mans 24 Hours, finishing the first two places ahead of the 3-liter Alfa Romeo, 4-liter Talbot and 4.5-liter Lagonda.

In 1963 factories were conveyed to the Hispano-Suiza company which has not engaged in cars. However, in such countries as Germany and the United States is still widespread imitation of a Bugatti heyday.

In 1999 Bugatti trademark was bought by VW concern. The first car presented was the EB118 fiberglass coupe, created by ItalDesign stylist Fabrizio Giugiaro. The next step towards mass production was the demonstration of an EB 18/3 Chiron (Frankfurt, "99) prototype, named after the famous French race car driver Louis Chiron. Built on all-wheel drive platform of Lamborghini Diablo VT this supercar has become one of the major sensations of showroom. Maximum design speed of coupe is 300 km/h.

A month later in Tokyo, the VW introduced the next supercar - EB 18/4 veyron. At this time in car designing was engaged own VW design center under the leadership of Hartmut Varkuss. Characteristic details in the form of veyron are high aluminum intakes in the rear.

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