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David Dunbar Buick, a manufacturer of enamelled bathtubs, in 1903 founded automobile production company named Buick Motor Car Company. He invested in company 100 thousand dollars he has got from the sale of his former business.

In 1903 the first automobile of Buick brand was issued. In 1908 the company was one of the first companies acceded to the GM, but it remained a distinct entity.

Successful design of Buick attracted the attention of American buyers. Proven record of sales achieved 8800 cars. In the same year was started production of the 10 model with 4-cylinder engine which has a broad appeal. The first six-cylinder Buick came in 1914, 8-cylinder - in 1931.

In the 30's Buick model along with Chevrolet and Pontiac have become symbols of American style in the automotive industry. 66S model ("S" means "Sport") in 1934 had a new engine of 100 HP power (in-line "eight") and independent front suspension. During the war the company produced military equipment.

Now Buick department of General Motors produces uniform, relatively inexpensive, full-size front-wheel drive cars for the American middle class market.

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