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Ford Motor Company an American automobile company, which manufactures cars of such brands as Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, trucks and various agricultural vehicles. Ford owns Jaguar. It's headquartered in Dearborn (Michigan). In 1903 Henry Ford founded the "Ford Motor Company", which is housed in a small factory manufacturing carriages before. In 1911 in UK a subsidiary of Ford and assembly plant were opened. Large number of innovations in production of cars belongs to the Ford Motor Company. For example, in 1913 it was the world's first automotive company which introduced the assembly line.

By the end of 1913 Ford Motor Company was producing a half of all cars in the U.S. To stay ahead of demand, Ford has introduced mass production in his factory. He rightly believed that if each worker will stay on his place and perform a certain operation, the car will be assembled faster, and the hours of human labor will be reduced. The T Model went off the assembly line every ten seconds during the day!

In 2000 an International jury of 126 automotive journalists, summing up the results of unprecedented competition "Car of the Century" chose the "machine of all time," the legendary Ford T. "Tin Lizzie" was the first car which massive assembly was arranged using assembly line.

The new method made it possible to begin large-scale production of cars, improve quality and reduce costs dramatically. It was assembly line that made the car as means of transport available for everyone. And the first in a series of truly mass-produced cars was the Ford's Model.

In 2001, the company represents a fundamentally new Ford Mondeo model. Its appearance can be regarded as a revolutionary event. This car, developed by the European branch of Ford Motor Company, was established on the basis of innovative design technology. The essence of this technological revolution - a powerful software product, called the C3P, which is a complex of computer design systems, automated engineering and rich database.

Today, Ford Motor Company has its own centers of production, assembly and sales in 30 countries. The company annually produces millions of cars, trucks and tractors, and is the leader in automotive sales outside North America. Ford Motor Company sells more than 70 different models of machines around the world. They produced under the Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar and Aston Martin brands. The company also holds shares in Mazda Motor Corporation and Kia Motors Corporation.

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