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Lamborghini is owed by Audi which is division of Volkswagen AG. It produces supercars which are able to accelerate up to 350 km/h.

In October 1963 on Turin autoshow Lombargini, which was known as tractor manufacturer, presented its first Lamborghini 350 GT sport car. It was two-seated coupe of classical configuration with 3.5 l V12 engine of 347 hp power. Maximal speed of car reached 280 km/h and acceleration up to 100 km/h took 6.7 seconds. By this Ferruccio Lamborghini the owner of company had proven that he able to design sport cars not worse than Enzo Ferrari who once undeservingly offended Lamborghini.

Two years later, in 1965, debuted one of the best models in company's history - mid-engine Miura. In addition to unusual layout the car had an amazing design. During following 6 years it has been sold 800 Miura cars which popularity excelled Ferrari. After Miura launch Lamborgini had decided to design a model for not the wealthiest buyers.

In 80-ies Lamborghini Jalpa was created. It was named as breed of Mexican battle bulls. It looked like improved Silhouette but equipped with more powerful 3.5l V8 engine of 255 hp power. In the end of 1987 Chrysler management, which owed by Lamborghini at that time, have decided to cease car production.

The latest upgrade of Countach is the model of the 25th Anniversary Countach, released in 1989 for the 25th anniversary of the company. As the matter of engineering there was no difference from its prototype, only body parts were changed. Most changes were made by Lamborghini designers. In July of 1990 last Countach were assembled. For 16 years of production there were released 1979 copies. It made this model the bestseller if Lambroghini history.

On 20th of February 1993 Ferruccio Lamborghini has died.

In 2001 company has introduced Diablo successor named Murcielago. First time in the Lamborghini history design of the car was not designed by Italian. Its rounded forms Murchielago has got of the Belgian Luc Donckerwolke who created Audi Avant and Skoda Octavia. Compared with its predecessor, the new Lamborghini became more comfortable and more spacious inside. It has 6.2l V12 engine with power of 580 hp. Maximum speed reaches 330 km/h.

"Little" Lamborghini - Gallardo followed Murcielago.

New model with code name L140, celebrated its world premiere on Geneva autoshow in 2003.

Now in Sant'Agata-Bolognese, the company's headquarter, the work on new model of Diablo II humming. This model equipped with V12 engine (6.0 l, 660 hp) with body of composites and scissor doors.

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