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Land Rover

Land Rover

In the middle of 1960-ies of last century land Rover company was sure that in nearest future the market would demand more comfortable full-driven cars. It was decided to create a vehicle that would combine comfort and driving performance of a family car with off-road capabilities of Land Rover.

At the outset. In the mid-1960s, the Land Rover company, with reputation of the creator of classic cars with a functional design, has sent representatives of the newly created design department in a research trip to America. Range Rover car, literally, was a breakthrough in design. Range Rover, the product of innovative thinking, was announced in 1970 and has made a furor immediately. It had resounding success for the company. It was admired as the first truly multi-purpose vehicle - a practical car, which could not only carry a variety of weights, but to make long trips with the comfort.

Evolution of 1980-ies. In the first half of 1980-ies Range Rover, who was unrivaled leader in its class at that time, has undergone numerous changes and improvements. Apart from the fact that it was created a 4-door version, the most significant changes affected the interior of the vehicle. Vinyl seats and initial Spartan interior were replaced. Conditioning and first-grade upholstery were added. As it was announced, Range Rover Vogue became an etalon of first-grade car of the highest quality.

1990-ies generation In 1994 Land Rover presented second generation of Range Rover model. In new car style of previous model combined with modern design. V8 engine also was substantially improved.

Range Rover in 21st century. In 2001 new Range Rover was released. Surely, it is the most universal among luxurious cars with new chassis, new suspension, new gear and new design. Upgraded Range Rover continues significant history of significant cars.

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