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Mercedes Benz company was founded in 1926 and now it's a subsidiary of Daimler-Benz company. Mercedes' headquarter is located in Stuttgart.

In 1900 Hotlyb Dimler died and the lamp was handed on by his son Paul Daimler. Company management was realized by Wilhelm Maybach who was employed by Hotlyb for long years. At the same time, in 1900, he began a new car development. New car had standard location of engine unit: under hood was mounted 4-cylinder engine of 45 hp power and radiator. The car had rear-wheel drive via conventional gear box. First car was designed as two-seated racing car and, in honor of daughter of Emil Jellinek racer, who was one of the company cofounders, was named as Mercedes. On modified Mercedes car Jellinek finished first in next races of 1899. Since that moment all Daimler-Benz car have a beautiful feminine name.

In 1921 Mercedes first issued supercharged engines, in 1923 - model with six-liter engine which became a bottom-end model for cars with short-wheel chassis named K Model and afterwards S Model. Only in 1928 cars of this model won 50 races and it was a reason to create a new version of car. It was SS model with engine capacity of 7 liters and power of 200 hp.

In the first half of 40-ies Mercedes received many orders for luxury cars - heads of states and governments reasonably assumed Mercedes the best executive car.

12 years after war, in 1963, "600" model was launched. It was designed as competitive to executive models of Rolls-Royce. At present days Mercedes S 500 with 12-cylinder 6-liter engine of 6-liter capacity, which has won its popularity in assistance of Russian folklore, has very heavy-duty and reliable power unit as well as surprising maneuverability.

By production of high-quality cars and engines, Mercedes concern with famous three-rayed star label for almost a hundred years stays on top of automobile production. In the nearest future the company plans to increase cars production from 600 thousand units per year up to million.

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