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Peugeot is the greatest private automobile company in France. It was fused with Citroen in 1974 and formed Peugeot-Citroen concern.

Peugeot family has a long history - for some centuries it played a noticeable role in French industry. By manufacturing bicycles and other easy machinery ant the end of XIXth century had ordered its first car by Leon Serpollet. Steam-driven car turned out as viable and participated in Paris-Leon races. But Armand Peugeot, who headed bicycle production, had run away with idea of combustion engine and in 1891 assembled the first Peugeot with benzine Dimler engine.

This idea has appealed to Armand and he designed a series of 10 models next year. One of models had encouraged public attention in one of races and Armand realized that races are the best advertisement for cars. A year later Peugeot made a car which is still reposed in company’s museum. Poured silver body and four-cycle engine was intended for one of Algerian beys. By increasing of cars production up to 300 items Armand had founded "Peugeot Automobile Association".

At the beginning of XXth century Peugeot had invited the famous E. Bugatti. He was a designer who made the first "public car" of Peugeot named Peugeot Bebe. By being aware of races Peugeot continues to produce racing cars and Peugeot Goux sets a speed record of 187 km/h in 1913. By purchasing a license from E. Taylor Peugeot introduced conveyor assembly method.

In 1915 Armand Peugeot died but the lamp was handed by other members of Peugeot family. Peugeot is still oriented on cheap and democratic cars which bailed the company out during Great Depression. However, serious representative sedans such as Peugeot 607 are also produced and this car headed model line of 2000.

At the time of the Second World War Peugeot was passed to Volkswagen and after conclusion a contract with famous Pinifarina designer it released new samples of more serious cars. In 1963 Peugeot has produced a millionth item of 403 model.

These days Peugeot produces very reliable and maneuver models - on Paris-Dakar rally the company approved itself. The main company’s profile is still production of easy cars with small engine capacity because small Europe demands are still in priority. But it doesn't impede Peugeot in demonstration of true intelligence of European approach in its models.

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